hot tubs

Is a Hot Tub Worth the Price?

Enthusiasts will tell you that hot tubs overflow with benefits, including stress reduction and sleep quality improvement. Devotees will tell you hot tubbing is a proven way to disconnect from daily stress and dissolve the tension of the day. But buying a hot tub costs several thousand dollars. Are the benefits...

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3 Ways Your Hot Tub Boosts Weight Loss (And How to Supercharge It!)

Just add water . . . to your weight loss formula  

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Hot Tub Benefits for Fibromyalgia

Someone who suffers from fibromyalgia may have a hard time falling asleep or waking up as a result of not moving much throughout the night. If it isn’t the discomfort from trying to stay asleep while pain lingers throughout your body, it is the mental and physical fatigue of a restless night that exacerbates your...

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