3 Ways Your Hot Tub Boosts Weight Loss (And How to Supercharge It!)

Just add water . . . to your weight loss formula 


Most people don’t know that soaking in the tub for 15 minutes can make you lose weight. It’s true! It’s that easy! 

Research has found that spending an hour in a hot tub is the equivalent to a 30-minute walk. In addition, scientific journal Temperature has connected thermal therapy with having an influence on glycemic regulation and metabolic disease. Read more in our hot tub shopper’s guide. 


#1 You burn more calories in a hot tub: In just 15 minutes a day… 

In the time it takes to drive through the taco window, you can instead live like royalty, relaxing in your hot tub while losing weight. You will have peace of mind knowing that simply sitting in the tub for 15 minutes you are burning more calories and setting the stage to get the beneficial health effects of relaxation.  

(Fun fact: In fifteen minutes, the body burns about 17 calories in the tub versus about 12 calories while at rest. That’s 30% more calories burned in the tub!)  

Hot tub treatment is called hydrotherapy. While the number of calories burned directly by sitting in hot water is moderately higher than dry sitting, hydrotherapy drives weight loss by promoting body and muscle relaxation that reduces the presence of the cortisol hormone that triggers body fat storage. 


#2 When you reduce stress, you cut cortisol 

Cortisol is correlated with an accumulation of fat in the mid-section. To cope with stress, cortisol triggers the body’s fat storage response and causes cravings for fatty, high-sodium foods. Cortisol also reduces testosterone, which prevents muscle recovery and growth, thereby potentially undermining your body’s ability to modulate weight—even if you exercise. 

The direct health benefits of reducing excess cortisol can be significant, potentially improving anxiety, depression, headaches, heart disease, memory and concentration, digestion, sleep, and weight control.  

Hydrotherapy cuts cortisol. In fact, scientific evidence shows that one hour in 90ºF water causes cortisol to drop a whopping 34%! 


#3 Sleep your way to way to weight loss with a hot tub  

Hot tubbing promotes deep, restful sleep, which helps in weight loss. Just watch the video of these doctors reviewing the scientific findings linking hot tubbing and weight loss. 

Another study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropological Applied Human Science concluded that soaking in warm water an hour before bedtime led participants to fall asleep faster, move less during rest, and enter deeper states of REM sleep. 

Enjoy the physical and mental relaxation that comes from massaging jets. Loosen the muscles and joints, dissolve lactic acid, allow tension to melt away, and wake up feeling refreshed. 


How it works: the science of hot tub weight loss

Hot water enhances blood circulation and oxygen distribution through the body, which promotes overall health and sets up the conditions for the body to shed weight. 

Soaking in the tub relaxes the body’s muscles and breathing, which has a relaxing effect on the mind. (Think: take deep breaths.) Relaxing the mind reduces the presence of cortisol, a fight-or-flight hormone in the body that prevents weight loss and causes the body to hang on to belly fat. 


Hot tub weight loss can work for you 

If you have been thinking about losing weight, but you haven’t found the time, consider this: it might be hard to go to the gym, but you can travel to your own hot tub in no time flat. Simply walk to the hot tub. No car or gym membership needed.  


Supercharge the benefits: Get next level weight loss with hot tub yoga 

Do hot tub yoga. Purposeful movement underwater can tone the muscles. Use the awesome power of water resistance to enhance weight loss while hot tubbing. Here are a few effective exercises. 

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Find a tub that fits your budget. No pressure.  

Here at Black Pines Spas, we love helping people connect with their own healthy lifestyle. People are different. So are hot tubs. We have dozens of models of hot tubs that can be configured in hundreds of different combinations. We strive to introduce you only to the tub that is the perfect fit for you. Here is what our customers are saying: 

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