Hot Tub Holiday Party!

Oh, what a joyful time this is! This holiday season is extra special because we can again bond with family and friends, foster treasured relationships, and create unforgettable memories that will warm our hearts and brighten our lives long after the holiday season is over.

Warm hot tubs make for cozy pastimes

At Black Pine Spas, we value nothing more than your good times with family and friends. Spending time together should feel natural, not forced. That is why a hot tub is a perfect gift this season--a gift that can effortlessly revive a couple's relationship, reconnect families, and strengthen friendships.

A hot tub revives couples relationships

If you plan to spend your holidays exclusively with your partner, a hot tub helps strengthen the bond by relieving the added pressure on the relationship from emotional or financial anxiety.  According to the Family Institute, these issues are real thorns in modern couple's dynamic. To switch off stress and anxiety you need a place for relaxation. Hot tubs are a proven way to do that. (For more on this, read our previous blog about how hot tubs relieve stress and save you money.)

hot tub couple


Hot tubs keep focus on bonding with family and friends

Hot tubs are made for quality time and bonding. Depending on the model, hot tubs accommodate 3 to 7 adults, a nice number to keep help keep focus on your special guests and make them feel pampered. In addition, a hot tub is a place where you can switch off technology and distractions, which is important for focusing on close relationships with kids in particular, according to the Family Services organization. In short, a hot tub is a perfect place to entertain in a way that makes everyone smile, relax, and enjoy life.




Let’s get that party started!

So, let's get the party rolling. After the hot tub is switched on and the libations are poured, try out some of these festive entertaining tips.

  • Get the hot tub's massaging jets running 20 min before the party,
  • Make sure you have plenty of sugar free drinks close by for hydration,
  • Put extra towels around the tub (you can always ask friends and relatives to bring more towels if you are running short),
  • Get the lights and music going!

Add some fun!

A warm hot tub is no place for ice. Break the ice and melt awkwardness with these icebreaker games.

Hot Tub Ducky

Get a rubber ducky or any rubber toy. Divide in two teams and try to get the rubber ducky to touch the rival team's side of the hot tub. But beware: you can use only air or water to move the ducky.

Full Cup

Float a plastic cup on the water. Now make a cup with your hands. Transfer a handful of water from the tub into the cup. Nudge the floating cup to your neighbor. Repeat. Players gradually fill the cup with water while passing it around. The player who sinks the cup loses the game.

Hot Tub Ninja
Get five ping-pong balls or small rubber toys. Set a timer for three minutes. Drop them in the hot tub and watch family and friends scamper away as they try to avoid touching them. The player who avoids the floating mines for three minutes wins the title “hot tub ninja”!


This party is going to be safe

Nothing should spoil your holiday fun. Follow these simple safety rules and there will not be a single cloud on your party's horizon. 

  • Avoid glass cups, use plastic ones,
  • Keep your chest area above water,
  • Adult supervision for kids at all time,
  • No kids under 5 years old in the tub,
  • 5 - 15 min soak for kids under age 12, and
  • Pregnant women consult with a physician.

Black Pine Spas wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We have a perfect gift waiting for you and your family, and our experts will help you choose the right one. Check out our website for more discounts, promotions, and details. And have a safe, fun, and exciting season with your family, and friends!



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