Hot Tub Benefits for Fibromyalgia


Someone who suffers from fibromyalgia may have a hard time falling asleep or waking up as a result of not moving much throughout the night.

If it isn’t the discomfort from trying to stay asleep while pain lingers throughout your body, it is the mental and physical fatigue of a restless night that exacerbates your pain in the morning. Even though the bed can anchor someone to their pain, it might be seen as the lesser of two evils if their only other option is to creak out of bed. If only someone had let them know that a soak in a hot tub can make life so much easier. Anyone who has inflammation in their joints, soreness in their muscles, or a tingling sensation in their fingertips or toes can get treatment for myofascial disorders, such as fibromyalgia and even rheumatoid arthritis with the help of a hot tub.

Doctor Recommended

If you’re suffering from pain such as swollen joints and a pins n’ needles sensation over your body while soreness affects your joints, reality check, you’re probably one of 46 million Americans who suffers from arthritis. Hydrotherapy has been a known hot tub benefit in treating fibromyalgia and many other joint or muscle related pain disorders like arthritis. “Swimming therapy is by far the most effective kind of therapy,” says Rheumatologist, Dr. Kimberly Leaird. Although each case of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia varies, some are able to live with the pain while for others it may be debilitating. Dr. Leaird continued to support the use of warm water therapy to say that it can even help to treat some of the most extreme cases of pain.

Life under these circumstances can make it impossible to do anything at times leading you to find a solution. This forum answered the question of whether or not a hot tub can help reduce the impact of symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis!

 Whirlpool or hot tub

Some testimonials from people who experience physical pain aren’t so lucky which makes you ask the question: do they know what a hot tub can do?  

“Most of us with arthritis have formulated our own type of magical thinking---our own way of working through pain and sadness to come through the disease experience with something positive and life-enhancing,” wrote someone on a forum for persons suffering from arthritis. One of the best benefits of a hot tub to treat arthritis or fibromyalgia pain is its ability to target physical pain and aid in the rehabilitation of your mental wellbeing as well. Checking with your physician and knowing your personal limits before assuming a hot tub is right for you is the first step. However, the benefits of using a hot tub to aid in the relief of symptoms from arthritis and fibromyalgia are just beginning.


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The Solution Is To Get Moving…. But How?

For those who suffer from arthritis, it may sound frustrating that one of the few things that can remedy the pain caused by the inflammation in your joints would be movement or exercise but that can also be the source of your pain! The situation doesn’t even allow you to feel like you’re taking one step forwards and two steps back because you can’t even move! It hurts too much! Well, a hot tub can change that.


Alleviate the Pain

Working up a sweat in a hot tub (and you WILL break a sweat) is easier than you think and for more reasons than one! The warm water will heat you quicker, bringing your internal temperature up to speed to allow your blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow to your muscles and body. The increase in blood flow alleviates the sensation of pain. Reclining seats in your hot tub allow you to relax. The combination of the two is a sinful match and the jets haven’t even been turned on yet!


Low Impact Exercising

Secondly, to get moving, you first need to well, move. But that part can be difficult and don’t even think about running or lifting dumbbells anytime soon. Relax. Don’t worry. And take your time. Even with a hot tub making your life easier by increasing your buoyancy, it’s going to take time to build stamina. Luckily because of the lack of stress on your joints with low-impact workouts, the journey there is so much more enjoyable. But before thinking about workin’ it and breaking a sweat, just take the first few moments to sit and enjoy lounging in the warm water and never forget: relax.


Once you’re off to a good start in the morning with a 20–30-minute soak in the hot tub (that’s all it takes!) you can live happier and go through your day without the worry of pain. Here’s a video to get started. If you find yourself getting anxious about impending pain, you can always step back into your tub! The luxury of having a hot tub at home is that you can help fight acute pain like inflammation and muscle tension from the privacy of your back yard.


But wait, there’s more!

There’s always more, right? But in this case, a hot tub really does keep on giving. And believe it or not, the surface hasn’t even been scratched. Remember mentioning jets? How could you forget? Jets are among the top reasons why a hot tub purchase is so appealing, right! Having a jet to massage out any soreness from an injury, existing condition, or workout is a no-brainer to anyone who already owns a hot tub.


Do Due Diligence: Do Your Research!


Chris Sovey, the creator of a website called Healthy Consumer in a video describes his fight with chronic pain, including Rheumatoid arthritis. He speaks about the Japanese tradition of using hydrotherapy to effectively treat myofascial disorders like fibromyalgia and links the effects to better sleep, mental clarity, immunity, and relaxed muscles.


For someone with fibromyalgia, getting up in the morning can be one of the day’s biggest hurdles. If you don’t have fibromyalgia, then there’s probably a good chance that you know someone who does because it affects every 1 in 4 adults. A hot tub could be a long-term, cost-effective, and holistic form of treatment to an ailment that remains present on a daily basis. The route to rehabilitation and relaxation is clear.


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